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Aktualisiert: 6. Dez. 2021

This will be a unique and special bike - we´ll promise

Prework // When i grow up i buy a motorcycle with a windshield.

There is another new and ultra exciting project for our team from J.P. Custom Bikes.

Just as coincidences meet, our new custom bike owner has agreed on a model that has already been rated. The Sportster from Harley Davidson - better known as the XL1200 CX from 2016 with a mere 11t km on the speedometer. We all know that Harley engines didn't warm up until 20t km😅.

But everything in a nutshell. At the weekend, however, the company credit card glowed mightily. Worse than Black Friday 😂.

Our shopping list was 1/3 of all parts needed for shopping.

In addition to the small parts, we also ordered the exhaust system, the air filter and the new handlebar fittings.

Small spoiler alert: It's going to be another RAINBOW 2 in 2 from BSL. This SATURISH but legal sound from the EURO 3 system will make one or the other Porsche sound like a remote-controlled electric car.